Feeling scattered, stressed, frustrated or burnt-out with your service-based business?

Let’s embark on a journey together, to simplify your business like never before. Reclaim your precious time and bid farewell to the relentless grind once and for all!

September 12th — 14th

GET READY TO feel more focused + free with your service-based business! Guaranteed.

Tuesday, September 12th

Parade of Possibilities

(pssst: VIP Days aren’t the only way) 

We’ll crack open our catalog of case studies to show you 10 unique ways our students have adapted our model to radically simplify their business. You’ll see what works, how much others are charging, and how you can do it too.

Day 1 Free Gift ➔ The Case Study Catalog: includes 10 unique simplification frameworks to choose from

Wednesday, September 13th

Operation Uncomplicate

(ditch these draining pitfalls for good!)

Swap out 5 of the most common service-provider pitfalls for game-changing strategies that will give you more white space on your calendar and less draining decision-making on a daily basis!

Day 2 Free Gift ➔ Pitfall Prevention Plan: this template will save you HOURS of time and simplify everything!

Thursday, September 14th

Sustainably Simplified!

(it’s all about the science of simplicity)

During our final session, we’ll reveal our proven, practical and totally DO-able blueprint to achieve long-lasting sustainability with your new simplified business model.

Day 3 Free Gift Sustainably Simplified Business Blueprint: a step-by-step game plan to take your makeover from meh to masterpiece ✨

At the end of this value-packed free challenge, your business will be unrecognizable. 


Daily Lesson

We’ll guide you through your business makeover each day at 12pm ET for an hour-long live lesson.


Daily Challenge

A homework assignment after each lesson will help you actually MAKE-OVER your business model.


Daily Support

We’ll be answering Q’s after each lesson, and all week inside the vibrant challenge community!

Hey, I’m Sarah!

A decade of running a traditional branding and web design business, filled with scope creep, inconsistent timelines, overlapping client projects, delayed payments and countless unpaid hours, eventually resulted in classic burnout becoming the catalyst that sparked my desire to create a better process.

Clarity came to me one day in early 2018, when I received an inquiry from a previous client, asking for a handful of very specific website updates that I simply didn’t have time for.

I’ll share more about my solution to this client request during the challenge… But long story short, I quickly began exceeding $10K months by simplifying everything, and I’ve never looked back.

I’ve since helped thousands of others experience this exact same life-changing magic, and now I want to help you!

Isn’t it time you got yourself off the hamster wheel of eat, sleep, work, repeat?

Is this only for B2B service providers?

Nope! The Simplified Business Makeover will work for any service based business owner who is stressed out from the neverending hamster wheel of client work and trying to keep all the balls in the air. We’ve helped dog trainers, interior designers, home organizers, personal trainers and other B2C service providers over the years.

Is this for me if I already have VIP day/day rate?

Yes! First of all, this challenge isn’t ONLY about VIP Days, so there’s always something new to learn. But we’ve also found that a lot of our students who already have a VIP Day are getting stuck at one or more of the 5 common pitfalls that we’re going to be sharing on Day 2. Whether you’ve been doing VIP Days for years, you’re just hearing about it for the first time, or you have no desire to complete work in as little as one day, we’re pretty sure you’ll learn a thing or two that will make your business a lot more simple and enjoyable.

What format will the bootcamp be in?

All three sessions will be hosted on Zoom at 12pm ET! Every participant will be muted and you won’t be required to have your camera on, so feel free to show up in your pajamas if you want to!

Will there be a chance to ask questions?

Yep! We’ll be dedicating time to answering your questions each day after the lesson, so stick around after the training for a chance to get your questions answered by Sarah!

Do I need to show up live for anything?

We’ve found that participants who show up live get the best results, so while it’s not necessary, we highly recommend blocking off the time each day to show up and attend live. There will be time to ask questions, and if you’re not there live, you’ll miss out on the opportunity.

Will there be replays available?

Yes! We understand that not everyone can feasibly attend live. Therefore replays will be available until September 22nd.

Will there be closed captions on the sessions?

For the Zoom sessions, we will share a link to a live transcription for you to follow along. We will also add closed captions on the replay.

It’s Time to Ditch the 11pm Voxers and Slack notifications from clients ONCE AND FOR ALL!

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