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Life-Changing Magic of Day Rates! ✨

Ready to earn 4-figures for a single day of your time…

Doing work that lights you up, for clients who respect your skills, time and boundaries — without the relentless, never-ending hustle?

If you’re ready to STOP….

Spending hours writing custom proposals, only to hear crickets or be ghosted…
Bringing your laptop everywhere you go, just in case a client emergency comes up…
Spending your nights, weekends and family time working on client deadlines…
Cluttering up your desktop with all of those  “final_final_final_clientname.jpg” files…
Doom-scrolling social media when you’re in the famine and need a cash injection…
Feeling resentful towards your clients because everything is just taking sooooo long to finish…

There is only ONE business model that will make this your reality!

A One Day Intensive Business Model! 

Commonly referred to as a VIP Day or Day Rate, a one day intensive is where you offer your services for a fixed, premium rate per day. The client pays a premium for your time, undivided attention, and expertise for a full day, typically defined as a standard working day, but can be 100% tailored to your personality and preferences.

“Day Rates are making it possible for me to create a more streamlined business where I’m more focused on doing the work I enjoy the most.”

Jennifer W.

VIP Day Plug 'n Play Student

This is where most people are when they come to me.

Each colored line represents a different client project.

You’ve worked nearly every day of the month, and four out of the six projects are still ongoing, and still unpaid, and there is no end in sight. 😩

But when you work with us to get Day Rates dialed in, this is what your month looks like.

Four clients completed in 6 ½ days and you’ve made nearly $10K (at just $1,500 per day)! 😃

Now, just imagine what your bank account will look like when you raise your rate, which is inevitable!

Meet Rita S.

Rita struggled with the feast or famine cycle in her business – for years! Rita switched to the Day Rate model, and here’s what she had to say about it.

“I was drowning in projects.  I felt like I couldn’t do anything but work. When I started doing intensives, I had my best month ever out of my 6 years in business, in September, and it was all due to me doing the dedicated days.” 

Meet Ben S.

“Before Sarah’s program, I was overwhelmed, overworked and burnt out. Joining was really a no brainer for me – It just made total sense. It was easy to implement and started making a difference for me right away. So far, my biggest win has been hitting a new milestone – $50,000+! I no longer have to work like a dog to justify those fat monthly retainers. No scope creep ever again! This course will change your life. I’m so thankful for how it has helped transform my consulting practice and I look forward to all the good things ahead!”

Meet Meg M.

Sarah’s program is gold! Before joining, my business was good but I was very overworked and tired of clients dragging projects out, not paying promptly, etc. This model is one of the few that really rewards you for being experienced and fast. It is something that I can incorporate into my existing business without having to learn a new platform or reinventing the wheel. My favorite part, so far, is the swipe files and being able to listen to the lessons on audio while driving.”


Imagine having a mentor who’s BEEN in your shoes, and is now where you want to be, guiding you to make the right decisions, providing clarity when you’re confused, and cheering you on every step of the way.


Imagine being taught what, when and why to do #allthethings so that nothing falls through the cracks, and you’re not left scrambling to pick up the pieces of a disaster VIP Day.


Imagine the financial freedom you could have if you take action with the right strategy, tools and community of support around you.


Imagine being able to work just a handful of days per month, and make more money than you ever thought possible, all as a solopreneur.

With over 1,000 happy students, the VIP Day Plug ‘n Play™ program has already proven to create incredible results…

Meet Tracy O.

Before Tracy joined our program, she felt as if she had reached an income ceiling and that her multiple projects would never end – which was taking a psychological toll on her.

This was a total GAME-CHANGER for her!

Tracy says her biggest win is seeing how much her clients thoroughly enjoy this model AFTER her feeling of uncertainty of whether the clients would even accept it! She says her clients’ minds are blown with how much can be accomplished!

Meet Sally S.

Since joining Sarah’s program, I am much more confident in my work and communication, and feel my boundaries now fully benefit my clients, leaving myself feeling 100% guilt-free!!

My favorite part is the tech walkthroughs – I loved the behind-the-scenes of how to set up the workflows of onboarding, day-of, and offboarding.

For anyone considering joining the program, JUST DO IT!! It is truly life-changing when you rewire the way you think about what quality work looks like.

Meet Megan B.

This program got me into action immediately – so fast that I sold two Day Rates within two weeks of joining (which means I made back my investment and then some!). I feel so much lighter since transitioning to a Day Rate model (and my clients love it, too!) Sarah literally gives everything you need to get it done.

Meet Helen H.

“My favorite part of the program is the email and copy swipe files! It really helped me to move forward faster without overanalyzing everything. I also love the community. There are so many great questions that get asked all the time, which is very helpful. For anyone looking to try Day Rates, you need to hop on board and just do it! After selling one day rate, you will get your money back. Plus, Sarah has laid out where you can hop around in the course – which is a great benefit to just take action!”

“Mindblowing! Best investment I’ve ever made in my business because she gives you everything!”
~ Amanda Cormier

“I didn’t have time to take a course because my business was BUSY already.”
~ Kristen Doyle

“The course is AH-mazing! It literally turned everything around for me.”
~ Ashley Brown

“It WILL give you a return even if you don’t end up going all in on Day Rates.”
~ Juli James

“It really is life-changing magic.
It’s completely changed my life.”

~ Nadine Lewis

“When I wake up in the morning,the group is the first thing I check. Everyone is so supportive!”
~ Nicole Kepic

Cody made $30K from VIP Days in the first 2 months, then crossed 6-figures just 4 months after joining our course. 

“That’s the brilliance of this method. I can condense a 90-day retainer into one day…. I sold 7 or 8 in one week & made like 30 grand since signing up. I don’t want to end this chat without expressing my immense gratitude to you for putting together this course, resource and framework. It’s been a game-changer and it works. I’ve bought a lot of stuff and nothing has worked as quickly as this.”

“Sarah Masci changed my life. Wanna learn VIP Days? Go to her!

~ Cody Burch

100% ROI in just one month…

When you follow our process, you can easily book your first few intensives within just a couple of weeks, and depending on how much you charge, your investment can be completely paid for!

Meet Crystal B.

My favorite part about the program is all the real life solutions to MY problems as a web designer…. instead of taking tons of courses and piecing it all together to fit my business, this is a business model formula that you can literally take, make it your own, and run with it… AND MAKE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS PER MONTH INSTANTLY.”

Meet Jennifer W.

“This program has helped me make more in one month doing way less than all the sleepless nights of work over the 14 years I’ve been in business. I LOVE the concept of working on one day vs spreading a project out over weeks. It aligns with the way I work best and my clients have been very pleased with the business model.”

Meet Haylee L.

“I loved how simple and doable you made setting up everything seem, weaving in the mindset shifts to help me book clients while I was still in the program and making it seem like it wasn’t such a big leap but totally doable, and getting to chat with others during the group calls. I’m making more money and working less… what could be better? I can’t imagine going back to regular projects.”

From Starting to Scaling your VIP Day Offer, we’ve got you covered!


Total Value: $12,500 ~ $25,000

To be honest, it’s difficult to place a true $$$ value on a program that gives you everything you need to earn anywhere from of $50,000 – $250,000 year after year offering just 3-6 VIP Days per month. But even if it takes you 6 months to figure it out on your own, the opportunity cost of NOT joining is easily $25,000.

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