We love talking about VIP Days….

Because spreading the VIP Day Magic is kinda our thing.

Check out the interviews below!

We love talking about VIP Days….

Because spreading the VIP Day Magic is kinda our thing.

Check out the interviews below!

The Live Free Podcast with Micala Quinn

Rebel Boss Ladies with Eden Fried

The Josh Hall Web Design Show

The Empowered Business Podcast with Monica Froese

Pep Talks for Side Hustlers with Shannon Mattern

Freelancer to CEO with Aubree Malick

The Brand Strategy Podcast with Bonnie Bakhtiari

Brand Gravity with Kaye Putnam

Journey To Fans with Desola Davis

The Go-to Gal Podcast with Jaclyn Mellone

The Business of Branding with Nikki Arensman

Be Bold Make Waves with Laura Kåmark

Mom Owned and Operated Podcast with Rita Suzanne

Successfully Simple Podcast with Erin Flynn

The Mompreneur Society with Derrika Morgan

The Simpler Business Podcast with Marissa Roberts

The Design Business Show with Melissa Burkheimer

Live in the Feast Podcast with Jason Resnick

Unicorns Unite Podcast with Emily Reagan

Business Your Way with Sandra Julian

It’s a Tribe Thing


Self-Made Web Designer

The Savvy Scribe

OMG I’m Launching Podcast with Ken Westgaard

Brand Gravity with Kaye Putnam

Breakthrough Mastermind with Jen Argue

Josh Hall Web Design Show

Design Domination with Colleen Gratzer

Coach with Clarity with Lee Chaix McDonough

The Designed for the Creative Mind with Michelle Lynne

Next Level Course Creator with Erica Nash

Build Your Beautiful Business with Julie C. Butler

Introvertpreneur with Tara Reid

The $1 Million Tipping Point Podcast with Kiri Mohan

Launch Your Private Podcast by Hello Audio

Better: The Brand Designer Podcast with Jen Davis

Branding with Friends with Annie Franceschi

The Bloom & Grow Show with Amber Housley

Sales Self Talk with Ryann Dowdy

Are you looking for a guest speaker? 🎙

Have a podcast, an upcoming virtual summit, or even a paid program?

If you have an audience who could benefit from learning about Day Rates, VIP Days, or Intensives, and you’re interested in having me on your show– or as part of your program – please reach out!

Our content is perfect for anyone who serves the freelance community, designers, copywriters, social media managers, marketers, and other specialized done-for-you online service providers.

Speaker Bio:

Sarah Masci teaches overworked online service providers how to simplify their business with a sustainable VIP Day or Day Rate business model. Years of running a freelance design business, filled with scope creep, inconsistent timelines and overlapping client projects, eventually resulted in classic burnout– becoming the catalyst that sparked Sarah’s desire to create a better process. Since 2019, Sarah’s programs have helped thousands of business owners rediscover joy in their work, and the freedom they’d lost along the way.

You may use this bio and headshot for any speaker materials, or reach out to us for additional options.