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When you took the plunge to sign up for the Day Rate QuickStart just a few seconds ago, you sent a message to the Universe that you’re ready to leave your limiting beliefs and self-doubt at the door and make the VIP Day or Day Rate business of your wildest dreams your reality, fast — and we couldn’t be more excited to help you get there!

But we also know that SOME people are looking for a little bit more…


Maybe you have LOTS of questions and you’re looking for more personal support…


Maybe you are ready to go all-in on making this dream life your reality, so you want to learn as much as possible…


Maybe you thrive when you have extra accountability and can get personal feedback on your work…

We get it. We’re all about the VIP touch!

Which is why we created a more advanced experience for those of you who wanted more…

This upgrade option is exclusively for people who want to get even more out of this course through personal access to Sarah for questions, accountability and  implementation support.

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10 Days of Private Coaching with Sarah

Unlimited access to private coaching, accountability and support as it relates to getting your beta Day Rate or VIP Day offer launched (creating your offer, pricing your offer, and pitching your offer). This isn’t AI or an assistant coach. Sarah will personally coach you and help you make progress through the Day Rate QuickStart. 

Private coaching happens asynchronously via Voxer, Monday through Thursday from 10am — 3pm ET. You can voice message or text Sarah anytime, day or night, and she will reply during her working hours. 

Recorded Feedback on Your Creative Assets

If you have creative assets (such as an offer stack, pitch posts or emails) that you’re working on, Sarah will be your second set of eyes. She will review anything you’d like to submit, providing honest feedback, suggested edits, and even spell-check. She will create recorded Loom videos as needed. 

Strategic Insights and Ideas

Sarah will offer strategic insights and ideas with you, and you’ll have unlimited access to her for all your VIP Day or Day Rate offer questions along the way — this comes in very handy when you’re in overthinking, perfectionist mode, and you can’t make decisions to keep moving forward.

Flexible Coaching for Busy Business Owners

Have Sarah (literally) in your back pocket, a quick message away, while on the go.

No Zoom calls or scheduled coaching sessions.

No additional curriculum to consume or homework to complete.

LASER-FOCUSED asynchronous coaching when you need it most.

Accountability and a dose of motivation to help you take action and make progress towards your goals!


✖️ Access to additional Curriculum or Resources that are in our signature program, Day Rate Mastery®

✖️ Detailed answers to questions that are covered inside Day Rate Mastery®
(i.e. Client Experience, Framework Design, Systems and Tech Setup, Sales Page Design, Advanced Marketing)

✖️ Additional or ongoing private coaching at this price-point
This is for 10 days only, because
the limited timeframe will motivate you to use the time wisely, and actually take action!

PLUS get this FREE GIFT when you upgrade to THE PRIVATE COACHING:

The VIP Day Mindset Shift

A Custom-designed, guided workbook, with inspiring action items, daily and weekly mindset trackers, journal prompts, affirmations (and more) specifically  for VIP Day Service-Providers.

Get ready to overcome your Imposter Syndrome, Perfectionism, People-pleasing, Money Mindset issues (and more)!

Up until now, this has been exclusively for our highest level coaching clients, but its yours free when you upgrade today.

Here’s How It Works in 4 Simple Steps:


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Connect with Sarah on Voxer and say hi.


Sarah will say hi and share next steps!

Here’s everything you’ll get when you upgrade your order right now!

The Private Coaching Includes:
⭐️ 10 Days of Private Coaching with Sarah
⭐️ Feedback on your Creative Assets from Sarah
⭐️ Strategic Insights and Ideas from Sarah
⭐️ A Flexible Coaching Model
🎁 BONUS GIFT: The VIP Mindset Shift Guided Workbook

💰 Plus, if you decide to upgrade into Day Rate Mastery anytime within your 10 days of coaching, we’ll apply this amount (plus what you paid for the mini-course) as a credit towards your enrollment.

Total Value: $497

Only $97

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