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It’s been so life-changing!!

I was proud of my business and that I had built it from the ground up, but I was beginning to feel like I would never be able to scale my business without putting in hours upon hours of work. I was able to hit a 6K month, but it felt like I was working every waking minute to make that possible, which left me feeling absolutely drained. I binged the program, pitched a day rate on my very next discovery call (and landed the client!), set up my systems the following weekend, and then haven’t looked back! Honestly, I felt like everything I needed to get started was right in the program. I love, love, love day rates. I can’t imagine going back to traditional projects! 

~ Courtney Ibinger

“Sarah Masci changed my life. Wanna learn VIP Days? Go to her!
~ Cody Burch

Cody made $30K from VIP Days in the first 2 months, then crossed 6-figures just 4 months after joining our course. 

“I sold 7 or 8 in one week & made like 30 grand since signing up. It’s been a game-changer and it works. I’ve bought a lot of stuff and nothing has worked as quickly as this.” ~ Cody Burch

So worth it!

I loved the encouragement to take messy action and let go of perfectionism. The very active and supportive FB group along with the tools and resources provided, were a few of my favorite things about the program. 

~ Kaila Thomas

Sarah is so top-notch and thorough in how she creates, organizes, and presents the course content. I love how approachable, accessible, and thoughtful she is when interacting with us in the FB group and on the live calls. She is truly dedicated and ultra-competent—and it shows in everything she does. They are authentically and genuinely interested in your success, not just filling another seat.

~ Claire O’Connor

I love everything about Sarah, the curriculum, and the people in the group!

Before Day Rates, I had steady work, but my projects were all of the “ongoing” nature. It was common for me to hear back from 2 to 3 clients at once, requesting changes – making it hard to schedule my time.  Day rates make it easier for me to schedule my time and step away from the computer when my workday is done. (I can see my family again!). I truly believe now that I deserve the rate I charge because SO much goes into each VIP day. If you are deciding on whether to invest in the program, I say come and join us! You’ll have lots of fun and support in the group AND it will help you create a business model that makes work/life balance a lot easier.

~ Nicole Kepic

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