Get the plug ‘n play system to CREATE, LAUNCH, & LAND your first Day Rate Client this week! 

What if You Could Create, Launch and Land Your First Day Rate Client in Less Than a Week?

… even if you have no idea where to start and you’re exhausted from never-ending client projects & retainers.


>>> MODULE 1 : Your Sweet Spot Offer (Value: $197)

>>> MODULE 2 : The Price is Right (Value: $197)

>>> MODULE 3 : Pitch Like a Pro (Value: $197)

>>> BONUS : Day Rate Offer Index (Value: $97)

>>> BONUS : Day Rate Calculator (Value: $97)

>>> BONUS : Day Rate Pitch Swipe File (Value: $97)

>>> BONUS : Day Rate Lead Tracker (Value: $97)

Total Value: $979

Today’s Price $37

discover the

life-changing magic of date rates

Many service providers have already discovered that Day Rates and VIP Days are their ticket to a simpler, more streamlined business model that gives them back their time-freedom, sanity, and joy in their business, plus more revenue than they ever thought possiblehello easy six-figures!


The problem is… they don’t know where to start, and they don’t have time to figure it out, because they’re currently drowning in scope creep, needy retainer clients and never-ending projects.

They LOVE the idea of Day Rates, but they have all sorts of questions, like….

What type of Day Rate offer works for their business?

What to include in their Day Rate offer?

How to correctly price it for maximum profitability?

How to pitch this new offer, or even WHO to pitch it to?

What happens if they promise a deliverable & can’t get it done?

And what’s worse is….

They know that if they don’t figure out how to get their Day Rate offer up and running quickly– they’ll end up losing out on a ton of potential business because so many of their competitors are now offering this dreamy Day Rate option that clients are loving and have come to expect!

Day Rate QuickStart is a proven fast-track solution for service providers who want to say goodbye to long, drawn-out projects, custom proposals (pssst… did you know the day rate model lets you ditch custom proposals once and for all?!) and blurry boundaries––and hello to freedom!

Yours For Only: $37

With Day Rate QuickStart you’ll walk away knowing exactly how to …

Create Your Offer

a premium service that lights you up inside and puts you in high demand.

Determine Your Pricing

a number that accurately reflects the quality, speed, and expertise that you provide.

Pitch With Confidence

so that you’ll regularly attract amazing clients who are excited to invest in you.

And so much more…

to help you scale your business without hiring a team or working long nights & weekends. 

You probably don’t need to be told how great Day Rates are.

You’ve heard the word on the online street, and you have a bunch of biz besties who already offer them. You know that if you follow suit, you can finally ditch inconsistent timelines and annoying scope creep that often comes with them. With a more predictable schedule, you’ll be less burnt out and more of your usual, happy self (so long as caffeine is still involved!).

You can even picture your new, improved calendar.

There’s white space on it. Like, real, I can-do-what-I-want-with-my-time white space! You picture offering just one or two VIP days per week, and spending the rest of your time working ON your business – something you’ve seriously neglected lately because your clients always need you “yesterday.” (we know you love your clients to death but sometimes they just don’t get boundaries!). The best part about Day Rates: You can make more money working less.

Sounds great right?

Too bad these pesky things keep popping up …

Imposter Syndrome

You start to worry, ‘What if this model doesn’t work for my business?” or “What if I offer VIP days, and I hear crickets?” Sure, it’s been life-changing for other people, but what if that’s just a fluke? (This is big, bad Imposter Syndrome rearing its ugly head!)

Not Enough Time

The idea of taking months to revamp your business model into a day rate offer kind of makes you wanna stay put where you are, thank you very much. You’ll just have to ignore the FOMO as you watch everyone else seamlessly scale their business with VIP days.

The Client Work Vortex

Just when you think, “Ok, I’m gonna explore this,” a client from four months ago comes back with 3,732 changes (which reiterates the need for VIP Days, don’t ya think?!). When you can neatly wrap up a project in a day, you can say goodbye to the Ghosts of Clients Past.

I struggled with all of those things too.

I was that web designer who used to work around the clock on client projects, struggled with charging higher rates, had zero control of my calendar, and yes – took my laptop on family vacations (ugh).

I tried for years to get control over the situation by experimenting with a variety of project management tools and investing in expensive online courses that promised I’d learn better systems, brand strategy and value-based pricing so I could command higher rates. Sure, I was able to increase my rates over time. But the problem was, those higher rates often meant longer timelines and even higher-maintenance clients. No thanks.

Nothing seemed to be working out for me… until one day back in early 2018, when I received an email from a client who had a list of things she wanted updated on her website. Not wanting to spend time (time I didn’t have) on a custom proposal just so I could nickel and dime her for each tedious task she wanted done, I pitched her a day rate.

She loved the idea, so that’s exactly what we did!

It took me quite a bit longer than it should’ve to get my Day Rate offer tested, refined, streamlined and systematized, but when I did… life-changing!

I was finally able to have more quality time with my family and focus on other aspects of my business beyond the daily client work. Now that I’ve refined the process, I want to make it QUICK and EASY for you to get started with day rates too!

Because trust me, you don’t want another year to go by of being completely burnt out or neglecting your personal priorities.

You want to get your VIP Day business up and running WITHIN DAYS so you can feel like a normal, functioning human again, with time for what matters most.

It can start right here, right now with

A simple, proven program for setting up your Day Rate service in just a few hours. 

You’ll also learn exactly how to book your very first Day Rate client. (Heads Up: You better cool the champagne, because it’ll be the first of many!)

Designers, copywriters, systems specialists, marketers, brand strategists and more – I’m looking at you! This model works for ANY service provider who wants to scale their business without losing their sanity in the process.

All you really need is a few hours to get things off the ground.

sound doable?

Get ready to dive into these 3 life-changing modules:

BONUS: Day Rate Offer Index (Value: $97)


Your Sweet Spot Offer

Ah, the big question: What day rate service will you provide? This isn’t just about choosing a general service (i.e. design or copywriting), although that’s a great place to start! We’ll also hone in on how you can craft your offer in a unique and irresistible way so that people can’t wait to book you. (Psst: The sweet spot will be something that’s compelling, valuable, and in demand.) We’ll also make sure your offer is something that can realistically be done in a day – or whatever timeframe you choose for your VIP “intensive.” Bottom line: This stage is crucial, and when you get it right, your business will forever be transformed!

BONUS: Day Rate Calculator  (Value: $97)


The Price Is Right

You love what you do, but you’re also in business to make money, right? That’s why nailing your day rate price is so important. In this module, you’ll learn what your pricing should and shouldn’t reflect, whether or not to test a beta price, and so much more. I’ll help you determine a price that not only feels good, but helps you exceed your revenue goals. And don’t forget the time freedom I mentioned earlier! When you get your pricing right, you can work just a handful of days per month and make more money than you ever did in your 9 to 5 or with traditional projects. 

BONUS: Day Rate Lead Tracker (Value: $97)
BONUS: Day Rate Pitch Template (Value: $97)


Pitch Like a Pro

So, you have your offer and your price. Now it’s time to share your offer with the world! Don’t worry; you won’t be left guessing on how to do this. In Module 3, you’ll learn the exact steps I used to pitch my day rate offer for the first time, and how I quickly had a calendar *comfortably* full of dream clients waiting to work with me. The best part: No more spending hours creating custom proposals, only to have people reply days later with a “thanks, but no thanks” … or ghost you altogether! You can also say goodbye to cold pitching in the DMs and chasing down leads. This is an easier, more authentic way to pitch, that’s more aligned to how you do business.

Good news! The fun doesn’t stop there.

Let’s talk about those amazing bonuses I already hinted about above, shall we?

The Day Rate Offer Index (Value $97)

Still wondering if your business can easily transition to the VIP Day model?

Just wait till you get your hands on this “little black book” of VIP Day offers! This comprehensive index provides over 50 viable ideas for a premium VIP Day offer, and over 60 niches to choose from. Use it to inspire your own offer, and trust me when I tell you again that if you provide a service, you CAN switch to this model!

The Day Rate Calculator (Value $97)

I get it. Pricing your offer can be tricky!

It’s so easy to let emotion take over and wonder things like: If I charge this high, will I scare people off? If I charge this low, will I be resentful while doing the work? That’s where our Calculator comes in. It gives you a simple, proven process for calculating your VIP Day price in a way that meets your income goals and leaves you feeling confident heading into discovery calls.

The Day Rate Pitch Swipe Copy (Value $97)

Let us save you the time that it would take to write it out yourself!

If anything holds people back from their true potential, it’s the little details that cause us to overthink everything, and keep us stuck. This is often true when it comes to writing emails and finally just hitting ‘send’! Use our proven email swipe copy and save yourself from that over-thinking brain of yours!

The Day Rate Lead Tracker (Value $97)

So you don’t lose track of anything or let your leads fall through the cracks!

As any successful service provider knows, organization is the unsung hero of any thriving business. Sure, it doesn’t sound super sexy, but staying organized will help you scale your business with greater ease. Enter the VIP Day Lead Tracker. This powerful tool will help you easily keep track of new and existing clients so that you never accidentally leave a lead hanging, or miss out on a great opportunity!

don’t just take it from me…

Sarah is so top-notch and thorough in how she creates, organizes, and presents the course content.

And I love how approachable, accessible, and thoughtful she is. She is truly dedicated and ultra-competent—and it shows in everything she does. If you have hesitation about Day Rates, please reach out to Sarah and her team! There is zero pressure which is so incredibly refreshing in the world of selling online courses. They are authentically and genuinely interested in your success, not just filling another seat.


Day Rates are making it possible for me to create a more streamlined business where I’m more focused on doing the work I enjoy the most. 

After I saw Sarah’s free webinar, I left with so much valuable information. Sarah presented Day Rates in a way that was so clear, relatable and do-able that I felt like it was something I needed to offer in my business. So, when I booked my first Intensive shortly after seeing the free webinar and applying what I learned, it was a no-brainer for me to sign up for the course, so I could learn all the details of how to develop my Day Rate offers. 


If you are looking to get better quality and higher-paying clients – this is the way!

I was busy and overwhelmed prior to offering Day Rates. I felt like I had reached an income ceiling and working on way too many projects at once that seemed to never end. Since taking Sarah’s course, it has freed so much time for me. Also for someone who suffers from anxiety – knowing a project is done after a day is a game-changer. I love the affect Day Rates have on my clients. It really gets them into action because they are so pumped after our day together they feel like they can do ANYTHING! It’s high vibe, productive and really exciting! This will change your life.

-Tracy Oosthuizen | Day Rate Mastery Student

Let’s recap all the goodies inside

With Day Rate QuickStart, we’re giving you a plug ‘n play system to get started with Day Rates (AKA VIP Days), so you can ditch burnout once and for all, and fall back in love with your business.


With Day Rate QuickStart, we’re giving you a plug ‘n play system to get started with Day Rates (AKA VIP Days), so you can ditch burnout once and for all, and fall back in love with your business.


Did I mention my money-back guarantee?

Call me biased, but I know you’re going to love Day Rate QuickStart. I’ve seen this system work for too many people to think otherwise! However, if you aren’t fully satisfied with the quality of this product, I’ll refund your money within 14 days of purchase. Scout’s honor.

It really comes down to how much your TIME is worth to you.

  • How much time did you spend just trying to figure out how to quote your clients custom requests?
  • How much time did you spend doing “just one more little change” that you didn’t get paid for?
  • How much time did you spend emailing back and forth with your clients and getting nowhere?
  • How much time did you waste waiting for content or answers from your clients?

Consider this your $37 kick in the pants.

Admit it. You’ve been thinking about offering VIP Days for a while now. It’s not your fault that you haven’t made the switch yet. You’ve been crazy busy and you weren’t quite sure if they’d suit your business.

Well, now you know!

Consider Day Rate QuickStart the sign you’ve been waiting for to finally do the dang thing!

Because once you’ve got your VIP Days up and running, you’re going to LOVE these perks

>> Having greater control over your calendar so you can go from being burnt out to back in love with your business.

>> Working less, doing what you love, while making more money. (Sounds a bit spammy, but it’s so true!)

>> Enjoying more quality time with friends and family vs. always being on call for client emails.

>> Landing dream clients on repeat, without having to live in the DMs or Facebook groups

Just a couple hours…

That’s all you’ll need to kickstart your new Day Rate business.

I’ve booked my entire monthly revenue goal with 5 VIP Days on the first day of the month!

Sarah’s process gave me a structure which has made me more confident in selling VIP Days. I’m already booked out through the next month, and have people scrambling to get on discovery calls with me. Today alone, I woke up to a DM, did a discovery call and ended the call with 5 new VIP Days booked. Sarah has made it so easy and so flawless to do it all. If you are thinking about this and haven’t pushed the BUY button, do it!


Not switching to Day Rates will keep you locked into:

❌ ❌ ❌ The scope creep of projects that drag on for months
❌ ❌ Giving into crazy timelines and retainer client demands
❌ Taking your laptop on vacation if you take a vacation at all


>>> MODULE 1 : Your Sweet Spot Offer (Value: $197)

>>> MODULE 2 : The Price is Right (Value: $197)

>>> MODULE 3 : Pitch Like a Pro (Value: $197)

>>> BONUS : Day Rate Offer Index (Value: $97)

>>> BONUS : Day Rate Calculator (Value: $97)

>>> BONUS : Day Rate Pitch Swipe File (Value: $97)

>>> BONUS : Day Rate Lead Tracker (Value: $97)

Total Value: $979

Today’s Price $37


Is it really possible to get through this program in just three days?

Absolutely! Day Rate QuickStart was designed to be just that – a quick start to setting up your new VIP day business. Right now, you may not have time to dive into a fuller, more extensive course, and that’s OK. But that doesn’t mean you have to put your dreams on hold, either. With Day Rate QuickStart, you can easily do one module per day and have your first client booked that week. If you’re super ambitious, you can even complete the material in just ONE day!

Why should I invest in Day Rate QuickStart now vs. in the future?

I’m a big believer in taking small steps every day to reach your bigger goals. As already mentioned, Day Rate QuickStart is a simple, actionable program that can help you get your new VIP Day service up and running in no time. The process doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. The sooner you invest in Day Rate QuickStart, the sooner you can start living the more freedom-filled lifestyle you envisioned when starting your business.

I’m in love with the idea of VIP Days, but what if my clients aren’t into them?

Trust me, there is a huge demand for VIP Days. I’ve been doing VIP days for over four years and have taught over 1500 students how to implement this framework in their business. Clients love the VIP treatment, fast turnaround time, and fun energy of getting things done in a day. I would even go so far as to say that if you’re not offering VIP Days, you’ll have a gap in your business that may get filled by your competition. Now, more than ever, people want instant gratification and the faster timelines that day rates provide.

How do I know Day Rate QuickStart is perfect for me?

This program is perfect for you if A) You feel like your business is running you instead of the other way around, B) You know VIP Days can help fix this, and C) You want a quick, easy way to start implementing day rates in your business.

What if my business is already running smoothly?

That’s great! You don’t have to come from a place of burnout to enjoy VIP Days. Many service providers choose to keep their traditional offers (at least at the start) and then add VIP Days to the mix. Again, it goes back to giving your clients the option of a quicker turnaround time. But don’t say I didn’t “warn” ya. Once you start offering VIP Days, you may never go back!

So, this is it. The last call.

If you’re still reading, you’ve got a serious case of “Wanna Do Day Rates.”

Now’s your chance to make it happen with Day Rate QuickStart.

Will today be the day? (Couldn’t resist the pun!)

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