You’ve asked for more coaching, and we’ve answered the call.

I’ve spoken to so many of our Day Rate QuickStart students about what they need more support with, and here’s what I keep hearing over and over:

“Your course has already taught me WHAT I need to do to offer day rates– now it’s just a matter of having a solid plan, doing the work, and having a committed group of other truly dedicated people to hold me accountable to it.”

Here’s what we also know….

You’re committed to making Day Rates your reality, so that you can start consistently hitting those $10K months! But you’re overwhelmed by all of the moving parts, and you’re not sure what steps to take first. 

You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step in order, and that you had a community of incredible, ambitious humans like you to support you on this journey. 

You already have some of the training, tools and templates, but you need more answers and support from someone who has done this with hundreds of clients over years and years…

That’s where Day Rate Mastery® comes in! This is a high touch, 6-month group coaching program where you’ll get exactly what you need and want, and so much more!

What’s Included:

Day Rate Mastery® includes our signature Get Booked By The Day curriculum PLUS the next level of support, coaching and advanced marketing and mindset trainings which you won’t find anywhere else!

The Six-Figure “Day Rate” Roadmap, along with a ton of brand new Marketing and Mindset resources: In addition to the Get Booked By The Day curriculum, you will also have access to our library of advanced resources, all designed to help you move through our milestones– including our exclusive Daily Mindset Shift and advanced marketing trainings, guest experts, masterclasses and more! 

Small Group On-boarding Calls: During your 6 months in Day Rate Mastery®, you’ll have several key milestones to hit, and we want to ensure you’re on the right track from the very beginning. The on-boarding call is designed to guide your implementation of the program, help you stay on track, and answer any personalized questions you have. 

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching with Sarah for more than just VIP Day questions.
That’s right! We’ll come together twice per month where Sarah will answer any questions you have, whether they’re about your VIP Day offer, sales or marketing, or anything else you’re looking for support on. This means you have access to 12 calls to get all your business-related questions answered personally by Sarah!

Personalized Expert Feedback: Get personal, individualized feedback on your VIP Day work through recorded walk-thru audits. Each week you can submit things for the coaching team to review and give you custom, personalized feedback. From work with me pages to lead magnets, emails, and tech stack setups, the team will review what you’ve created and record personalized feedback just for you.

High Touch Accountability Group: Craving deeper relationships with your peers? The Day Rate Mastery® group is where you’ll really be able to get to know each other on a deeper level, support one another, get all of your questions answered with more in-depth responses from the team, and cultivate those lifelong biz bestie relationships!

Mastermind Pods: We’ve personally experienced so much transformation from being in small-group masterminds (4-6 people), and we want you to experience this as well. So we will assign you to your own small, like-minded mastermind pod, where you’ll be able to have even more time together. We will give you suggested mastermind guidelines, but ultimately you get to decide when, where and how often you meet.

Do It Messy Power Hours: We absolutely LOVE focused pomodoro sessions, so we make an effort to host these almost every week! If we’re not hosting one, we encourage our clients to get together and do their own. When we carve out just one hour per day, and have accountability to each other, the amount of work we can get done is remarkable! Some clients have told us this is one of their favorite elements of the program!

There’s something to be said for “paying” for accountability.

When you’re paying for this level of support, you become that much more committed to GETTING IT DONE.

And so, that’s what our high-level Momentum program looks like… the same great Get Booked By The Day curriculum you’ve come to love, with more accountability, more personalized feedback on the work you are doing, and a strategic plan for consistent action-taking to keep you moving forward!

If you’re reading this, then I’m 99% sure we’ve already met. But if not, here’s the quick & dirty. I am a designer, course creator, and coach who is 100% obsessed with Day Rates, and their life-changing magic.

I planted my flag and became well-known for my Book Me For A Day™ design intensives a few years ago, and now I’m known as the Day Rate queen. I thrive on teaching other creative service providers how to escape scope creep, content collection bottlenecks, and the feast or famine cycle with a Day Rate business model.

I’m MOST proud of creating a life of joy and freedom with my husband, and our four amazing sons.

I’m living proof that you can be a parent and still create the life and multi-six figure business of your dreams, with ease, simplicity, freedom and flow.

I’m an INTJ, a 3/8 on the Enneagram, and my top 5 Clifton Strengths come as no surprise: futuristic + maximizer + achiever + focus + strategic

I truly believe it is my duty to use my personal strengths to empower others to take their expertise and service based business to the next level; and achieve the life and business of their own dreams!

5 big shifts have gotten me to where I am today…

1. Investing in mentors (and their highest level masterminds) who’d already gone where I wanted to go
2. Surrounding myself with other goal-oriented entrepreneurs and having true accountability
3. Having a step-by-step plan that I could follow, with a coach to keep me on track
4. Taking small action steps every single day even when it felt scary
5. And this is a big one – NEVER giving up on my goals!!

Once I began investing in the right programs and the right mentors a few years ago, everything changed.

I knew what steps to take to bring my vision to life, because I had a mentor to guide me, and I began taking daily action, moving the needle forward one step at a time.

It no longer felt overwhelming or hard, because I had a plan, and a group of people who were on this journey with me.

And then one day I woke up and realized that I had actually succeeded in designing the life and business of my dreams!

A booked out client roster that brought in over $10K each month, plus a full suite of products and programs that were actually helping other people learn new things, AND bringing in consistent monthly revenue for me!  

Imagine that!!

Momentum is really about having accountability, implementing everything that you’ve already learned, and filling in where you’re still stuck or confused.

It’s about overcoming your mindset blocks, and imposter syndrome, and taking messy, imperfect action even when it feels scary.

It’s about having an experienced coach in your back pocket, just a few clicks away, for when you get stuck, feel overwhelmed and want to call it quits!

It’s about surrounding yourself with a high level group of other business owners who are all on the same path as you are, who will have your back, cheer you on, and help you achieve that next level of success!

Momentum is about having a solid, strategic, actionable plan that is going to propel you to your next level goals!

Here’s what our Momentum clients are saying…

If you want the exact framework to scale your done-for-you service business without working a million hours a week, this program has everything you need to do that. Plus you will have the support and resources of a fabulous group of women entrepreneurs.

~ Vivian Liebenson: Momentum Client 2021

My business is making more than I dreamed it would, and I’m so much less stressed over client projects. My clients are loving the entire process and getting much better results from our work together. I’m booked out for 3 months with day rates at a price higher than I though I’d be able to charge in my niche.

~ Kristen Doyle: Momentum Client 2021

Sarah is so top-notch and thorough in how she creates, organizes, and presents content. And I love how approachable, accessible, and thoughtful she is when interacting with us in the FB group and on the live calls. She is truly dedicated and ultra-competent—and it shows in everything she does. Reach out to Sarah and her team if you have any hesitation—they are so warmly available to help you sort through if this is the right fit for you. And there is zero pressure which is so incredibly refreshing in the world of selling online programs. They are authentically and genuinely interested in your success, not just filling another seat.

~ Claire O’Connor: Momentum Client 2021

“Every once in a while you come across the right person at the right time who you KNOW can help you up-level your business. Sarah was that person for me. I could never have imagined I was capable of creating a digital marketplace for clients with evergreen courses and hybrid coaching programs. But then I saw what she created for other clients, and I said, “I want this, and I want to execute it fast.” Her capacity for turning work around astonishes me. I think it is because she has a firm grasp of three things crucial for digital success: business strategy, tech know-how, and savvy design.”

~ Rachelle McClintock: Former Client, Current DRM Team Member

Who is this for?

✔ If you are a highly motivated service-based business owner who is ready for more time, more profit and more momentum in your business, this is for you.

✔ If you know that scaling your business through a simpler and more streamlined business model is where you want to go – and you are ready for the strategy, support, fresh ideas, accountability and fun along the way, this is for you.

✔ If you are ready to stop being a slave to your computer and clients, and you are ready to take your business to the next level, this is for you.

✔ This is for Expert Service Providers who want to scale their business to 6-figures in the next 12 months, by leveraging day rates and digital products or offers.

Who is this NOT for?

❌ You’re looking for a silver bullet, or instant results. This is not one of those. Success takes focus, time, and effort.

❌ You’re one of those people who joins programs, but then never actually do the work, ask questions when you’re stuck, or show up for the calls.

❌ You don’t like making new friends with people in your industry who are doing similar work, and you don’t like zoom calls and connecting with others (with your camera “on”).

❌ You tend to blame other people and circumstances and you always come up with excuses why things won’t work for you.

If you feel this is a good fit and you’re ready for my support, experience and guidance, along with a powerhouse group of new biz besties, I can’t wait to cheer you on! 

Fill out the application below, and let’s see if you’re a good fit!
Once you’ve submitted your application, rest assured that we will get back to you with next steps within 1-2 days.
Shoot me over any Qs via Instagram (@brackenhousebranding) and I will get back to you right away!

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