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Hey there! I’m Sarah Masci, CEO of Day Rate Mastery® and Founder of the VIP Day Certified Expert™ program.

You might be surprised to discover that my transition to VIP Days back in 2018 was never about the money.

My goal wasn’t to make 5-figure months working just a couple days a week…

Rather, it was, “How can I change the way I work so that I’m no longer burnt out, dealing with never-ending projects, scope creep, and clients who email me with constant questions and requests…. but still hit my monthly revenue goals?”

Bottom line: I wanted a simpler business model.

Something that would give me my time back, allow me to rediscover personal interests and self-care, volunteer at my boys’ school, take impromptu long-weekend getaways with my husband — and not have to worry about working all. the. time.

Sure, the money was an unexpected benefit of my success with VIP Days, but it didn’t happen overnight. It took me around 18 months to really hit the point where I had achieved unimaginable goals of hitting $12-15K months with VIP Days.

But during those 18 months, something else unexpected happened…

We accidentally created a vip day revolution

Within a year of having massive success with VIP Days, fellow service providers were begging me to spill my secrets on how I was doing it. 

One thing led to another, which led me to creating the first all-inclusive digital course documenting my entire blueprint on how to run successful VIP Days.

Today, 6 years later, it’s obvious how the magic of this model quickly caught on.

We’ve now taught thousands of students various levels of our framework, and VIP Days, Day Rates and Intensives have literally become the hottest commodity amongst online service-based business owners this year.

The reality is that it’s become rare to find a service provider who doesn’t have some sort of VIP Day offer. 

Which brings us to the problem…

With so many VIP Day offers out there today, it is becoming harder and harder for you to stand out as the top choice expert in your niche.

It’s a buyers market, and VIP Day buyers are shopping around, looking for the best!

Like any crowded market, the opportunity is in the unique thing that you bring to the table. And just like with resumes for job openings where hiring managers will throw away a resume that doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree…


Buyers want the service provider who values their work enough to back it up with formal training and certification.


They want the service provider with the best offer and a seamless delivery process.


And they want the service provider with a track record of delivering stellar results.

Enter the VIP Day Certified Expert™ program!

Your opportunity to finally own the unique “edge” that is going to be the difference between getting chosen and not getting chosen when you’re up against your competition.

Upon completion of this program, you will…

✔︎ Have a refined and optimized VIP Day flagship offer that you consistently sell with ease and confidence.

✔︎ Have your entire on-boarding, off-boarding and automation systems set up, creating a seamless workflow and world-class client experience.

✔︎ Have your sales process, boundaries, and SOP’s locked and loaded so that you know exactly what to say and do, throughout the client journey.

✔︎ Be on track and focused on your goals, with the right scaling strategy and action steps to significantly increase your revenue with VIP Days.

And you’ll no longer be just another vip day provider…

You can officially update your title & bio to include “VIP Day Certified Expert™”.

Here is how we’ll make it happen…

Armed with our portal of expertly-crafted and results-driven trainings, tools and templates, you will be individually supported and guided through our 3-phase certification process, as you master each part of the VIP Day Certified Expert OPS Trifecta™.


Your offer will be well-defined with distinct parameters in place, and priced at 4-figures+


You will have a portfolio full of successful VIP Day client results, testimonials + case studies


Your systems will be set up, streamlined and automated with SOPs + workflows in place

Private Coaching Calls 

To guide your implementation of the program, help you stay focused and answer any personalized questions you have along the way, you’ll receive (3) 1:1 calls with our team. With several key milestones to hit, we want to ensure you’re on the right track from the very beginning, and we want to see you through to completion of the program!

Curriculum & Templates

In addition to our signature course, VIP Day Plug ‘n Play™, our 14-day roadmap, private course podcast, mindset tools, and plethora of bonus courses, you will also have complete access to our library of templates and swipe files, intentionally designed to help you seamlessly shift to a VIP Day business as effortlessly and efficiently as possible! 

VIP Day Collective Community

Craving more connection with your peers? The VIP Collective Community is where so much of the magic happens! Get to know Sarah, the team, and each other on a deeper level, support one another, partner up on projects, share leads and tips, get your questions answered, and cultivate those lifelong biz bestie relationships! 

Weekly Co-Working Sessions

We absolutely LOVE taking messy, imperfect action, and we highly encourage it! Our weekly co-working sessions are a great opportunity to do exactly that. We make an effort to host these almost every week at various days and times! Some clients have told us this is one of their favorite elements of the program!

Bi-Weekly Tech Office Hours

If tech isn’t your thing, our bi-weekly tech office hours are for you! Tech and Systems are the unsung hero of VIP Days, and a huge element of our program is getting it set up in the most efficient way possible. As tech superstars, and hundreds of system setups under our belt, we’re here to support you through this often confusing process!

Group Q&A Calls with Sarah

Zoom fatigue is real. This is why we have all of the above ways to support you day-to-day. But we’ll still come together at least once per month, where Sarah will deep dive into your biggest roadblocks, when it comes to mastering VIP Days. You can watch or listen to the time-stamped replay if you can’t make it live, plus access our database of hundreds of Q&A calls from the past 2 years.

Upon successful completion, receive…

Your name and a link to your website published on our official VIP Day Certified Expert™ page

Your name and a link to your website published in our weekly newsletter, under Certified Expert of the Week

Digital Certification badges for your website, social sharing and your profile pics

Official Certificate of Completion to use however you’d like

But more than anything tangible you receive…

You’ll finally be recognized as the ‘go-to’ expert VIP Day provider in your niche.

how to become certified

Certification is currently only available for our program clients and alumni.

To become certified, you must first enroll in our signature program, Day Rate Mastery®.

Prior to VIP Days, I was successful in my business, but it wasn’t sustainable with juggling too many projects at once. This program helped me see that it is possible to work less, still deliver high quality work, have more freedom and keep clients happy! This program will give you the practical steps to keeping your clients happy, and giving you back balance in your life.

~Clare Lewis, VIP Day Certified Expert

Before joining Sarah’s program, I had steady work, but my projects were all of the “ongoing” nature. It was common for me to hear back from 2 to 3 clients at once, requesting changes – making it hard to schedule my time. I love everything about Sarah, the course material, and the people in the group! I like that Sarah has included everything we could possibly need. She’s made it so easy for us to implement each step in our businesses. 

~ Nicole Kepic, VIP Day Certified Expert

Before joining Sarah’s program, I was overwhelmed with unfinished projects constantly looming over my head. I wasn’t sure if my audience (teachers) would pay premium rates, but I was wrong. My business is making more than I dreamed it would and I am so much less stressed over client projects. My clients are loving the entire process and getting much better results from our work together! 

~ Kristen Doyle, VIP Day Certified Expert

Here’s how to know if you’re a perfect-fit:

👉 If you are an established service-based business owner who does amazing work, and you are ready to commit and invest in a high-level certification program, this is for you.

👉 If you know that scaling your business through a simpler and more streamlined business model is where you want to go–and you are ready for the strategy, support, accountability and fun along the way, this is for you.

👉 If you are ready to stop being a slave to your computer and clients, and you are ready to take back your life, and rediscover the long lost JOY in your business, this is for you.

👉 If you are already working with and attracting new clients, and you want to double your income while working less in the next 12 months (but maybe you don’t believe its possible yet), this is for you.

👉 If you understand what I mean when I say any of these phrases: “scope creep”, “burnout”, “red flag clients”, “it should only take you a few minutes”, “make it pop”, or “I’ll know it when I see it”… this is for you. 😉


If you are brand new to business, and have never worked with any clients, you may not be ready for this… Of course, there are always exceptions, and we do have clients who’ve proven us wrong, so if you truly feel called to learning this business model as you begin your business, don’t hesitate to apply.

I know it can be hard to know who to trust online these days, so here’s a bit more about me.

I’m a mom of four teenage boys, wife to my college sweetheart, self-taught brand strategist, web designer, course creator, and strategic business coach who is obsessed with helping others have more freedom through the life-changing magic of VIP Days. 💖

My entrepreneurial journey began in 2005 which took me on an adventurous, and tumultuous path from starting an online boutique, followed by a mom blog, Etsy shop, marketing company, and several other ventures along the way. I finally planted my flag as a designer in 2012 and became known for my Book Me For A Day™ design intensives in 2018.

My kids think I’m internet famous because I come up on quite a few page in a Google search. 🤣

I hung up my designer hat in 2021 to go all-in on my mission to inspire 10,000 business owners, as living proof that it’s possible to be a mom, have a life you love, AND be a multi-six figure solopreneur running the business of your dreams, with ease, simplicity, freedom and flow.

I’m not sure of my enneagram (most-likely a 1, but possibly a 9, 8 or 7). I’m obsessively action and goal-oriented. I love solving problems, and might be one of the most optimistic people you’ll ever meet. My favorite way to spend a relaxing afternoon is to intentionally get lost in the woods (with my dog, of course).

I am committed to creating a community that values love, equity, inclusion and diversity of all people. This includes our clients, students, employees, partnerships and alliances.

I believe in continuous improvement. Our #1 priority is our student’s success, and we continuously work to improve our programs to make them the best in the world. 

We strive for ultimate efficiency in everything we do, and we’re always looking for ways to streamline our processes. We don’t believe in fluff or excessive details that waste time and energy, and don’t have any impact on our students’ success.

If you want to get to know me even more, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram at — I love chatting it up in the DM’s!


how to become certified

Certification is currently only available for our program clients and alumni.

To become certified, you must first enroll in our signature program, Day Rate Mastery®.