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The Life Changing Magic of “Day Rates”

  If you're considering offering One-Day Intensives, this is for you.... Let me ask, does this sound like you? You started this business because in addition to your passion for the work you do and wanting to create impact with your work, you craved freedom....

The 5 Phases of a VIP Day Client Experience!

  I've been running my Book Me For A Day offer for close to 2 years now, and have learned a TON along the way.  One of the biggest things I've figured out that has contributed to my success with this offer is how to create an EPIC Client Experience. A client...

Create 18 On-Brand Instagram Posts Using ONE Stock Photo!

 So you've got your brand Mood Board, your colors, your fonts, and now a handful of images to start using on social media.  Amazing!  *** And if you don't have these things yet, scroll down to find out how to get them! But what happens when you start to run out...