Hey there, I’m Sarah, and I’m so glad you found me!

Before I discovered the power and freedom of day rates, I knew ALL about burnout and being stretched too thin.

Because once upon a time, my life probably looked a lot like yours…

I started my online business journey as a self-taught branding and web designer, so I could work from home and raise my four boys, hoping for just a little spare time to enjoy life, travel, and do the outdoor things we loved.

After a decade of dedication and hustle under my belt, I’d earned quite the reputation for my work, and had clients lined up waiting to work with me.

Looking in from the outside, you might have thought my business was thriving and life was good.

But the truth is, I was mentally and physically exhausted… to the point where I’d cringe seeing yet another email from a client asking to fit more of their “small” tweaks into my day.

The reality was that chasing after that “guaranteed” lifestyle of freedom was killing me.

Long hours and and inconsistent income left me overwhelmed with mom-guilt and nearly cost me my marriage.

And the worst part?

Despite how much I hustled, we were still broke. No matter how many programs and tools I tried, I found myself resenting my clients and frustrated because I knew I wasn’t charging enough, and I was stuck in perfectionism and people-pleasing mode.

Apologies if this sounds like your world too, but I’m here to help…

Because I experienced my ah-ha moment, and went from drowning and defeated to VIP Day freedom, literally by accident!

It happened several years ago when yet another email popped into my inbox.

A client wanted a handful of very specific, time-consuming website updates. I wanted to cry. I was too exhausted to even draft an itemized proposal, but I needed the income.

So out of desperation, I pitched her a design intensive that would include completing all the work in just one day. To my complete surprise, she not only agreed, but LOVED the idea.

This was more than a happy ending – it was a happy beginning that catapulted me towards the freedom I’d been seeking for so long.

As I tested out day rates with more clients, I began consistently hitting $10K months (while working just 4-6 days) and I changed my life for good.

The success and transformation was too BIG and too GOOD to keep to myself. 

After constantly being asked about my process from other service providers, I decided it was time to create a program to help others learn this life-changing magic!

When I set out to create my program, I had two options…

Option #1:

Create a mediocre digital course, sell it for cheap and walk away not caring if anyone got results.

But then there was Option #2…

The option that supports my zone of genius

The option that lights me up like nothing in this world…

The option to have a life-changing effect on the lives of those who were suffering just like I was.

The option to create the most impactful, valuable and transformational program, leaving NO stone unturned.

With my high standards, and obsession with details, there was never any question which option I was going with.

Since launching our program in 2019, we’ve helped transform the business, life, and future of thousands of solopreneurs and done-for-you service providers, just like you.

And Now? Well, Freedom Looks Something Like This…

When I’m not enjoying (yes, enjoying!) my time at work, I’m spending time with my boys and my husband. With our two dogs and backyard chickens, we’re living out our homesteader dreams in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I’m a laid-back, summer-loving, outdoorsy boy-mom through and through.

My business gives me the freedom to take weeks off at a time, and travel often. Although I do love long summer days, I’ll always pick the mountains over the beach.

Best of all? Worrying about bills is a thing of the past, and I no longer miss out on precious family time.

This lifestyle can be the same for you!

The Official Bio

With nearly 20 years of branding, design and digital marketing experience, Sarah Masci became known as a leader in the online industry for clients looking for high-quality branding and web design, before launching Day Rate Mastery® in 2019.

Some would call Sarah a rare mix of right and left-brained; getting her kicks from strategies, systems, and automations, but having a discerning eye for design and details.

Sarah’s down-to-earth personality and distinctive way of simplifying even the most complex problems have earned her the trust and respect of thousands of clients over the years.

Sarah uses her personal strengths to empower others to take their expertise and service based business to the next level; and achieve the life and business of their own dreams!

things you should know about our company

Inclusivity and diversity matter to us, and we are committed to creating a community that values all love, equity, inclusion and diversity of all people. This includes clients, students, employees, partnerships and alliances.

We believe in continuous improvement. Our #1 priority is our student’s success in our programs, so we continuously strive to improve our programs and make them the best in the world.

We value innovative ideas and different perspectives.

We believe there is power in positivity. We are relentlessly optimistic in everything that we set out to accomplish, and we empower and encourage our students and community to do the same.

We strive for ultimate efficiency in everything we do, and we’re always looking for ways to streamline our processes. We don’t believe in fluff or excessive details that waste time and energy, and don’t have any impact on our students’ success.

Now is your time! Time to learn more about the business model that will change your life! 

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